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The HospiConnect & LabConnect product suite is currently deployed to over 30 hospitals and 15 labs in Belgium. This integration platform serves our clients by handling all extra mural communication through the eHealth-platform and exposing a number of eHealth services to our clients.


HospiConnectLabConnect provide added value services and a significant cost reduction in a different areas: electronic declaration of birth, timestamping of prescriptions, update of patient details for accurate invoicing, etc. Together with this, we optimize the quality and the continuity of patient centric care through multidisciplinary collaboration with other care actors.   

All modules are available through three different interfaces:

  • Webapplication
  • Webservice integration
  • Batch integration: file system integration

A short overview of the different software modules:

National Register Module

Audience: hospitals & labs

The National Register Module provides an out-of-the-box solution for the access to the Belgian National Register and the Crossroads Bank for Social Security. It allows to identify patients in a unique way. It brings immediate return on investment by more efficient invoicing (by lowering the costs to find correct addresses), a more correct invoicing and as a consequence, a faster payment of the open invoices by your patients.

MyCarenet Module

Audience: labs

Our MyCarenet Module currently serves a lot of Belgian extra mural labs in querying the MyCarenet Platform in order to receive insurability and 'code gerechtigde' data from the mutuality. With this data, the laboratory is able to perform a nearly perfect invoicing towards the mutual insurers, resulting in a much faster payment of the invoices and a considerable reduction of administrative time.

Most of our clients have started using this module also for electronic invoicing, a first step towards the abolishment of paper invoicing towards RIZIV/INAMI. Their invoices are no longer sent by CD-ROM but are submitted electronically with immediate feedback.

eBirth Accelerator

Audience: hospitals

The HealthConnect eBirth Accelerator is a useful module of the HospiConnect Platform for online notification of a birth by medical care providers to the Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths of the local municipality and the electronic transfer of the statistical data to the Communities. With this module, which is being integrated in existing maternity systems like MOSOS (BMA), there is no more need to retype the data in 2 or more different places. All data from the backend system of the hospital is electronically submitted to the registry of births and local municipality.

Imaging Module

Audience: hospitals

The HealthConnect Imaging Module enables an electronic exchange of medical images (DICOM, JPEG, etc.) with individual practitioners. Using the eHealthBox, a hospital can send the protocol together with a low resolution image to the referring physician. No need to hand a CD/DVD to the patient. All is sent electronically and the physician has the option to stream high-resolution DICOM if needed.

Timestamping Module

Audience: hospitals & labs

The HealthConnect Timestamping Module provides the mandatory timestamping services for electronic prescriptions within hospitals. Our module is compatible with KMEHR, HL7 (ORM, RDE) and other electronic file types (PDF, WORD, JPG, TXT, etc.). The installation and configuration of the module can be finalized in less than 3 weeks.

Unified Messaging

Audience: hospitals, labs, organizations

The Unified Messaging Module gives organisations a lot of added value by using the eHealthBox channel for electronic messaging. Based on the eHealth standards & technologies, this module provides a secure channel for the bi-directional exchange of medical files, lab results or other sensible information. Also, this modules provides a rich interface for form-based communication, allowing a fully integrated (XML) coupling with existing backend systems.